Reducing the risk of Dental Decay

Whilst you may not be visiting the practice to have your gums and teeth routinely checked you can still make sure you are looking after yourself at home. A lot of people are working from home and are getting used to a very different way of life, our eating and brushing habits may change in line with this. Although dental health is not the main priority right now we should all be mindful that when this is all over there may well be oral health repercussions if we are not careful over the coming weeks/months.

Keep on track

The following advice will hopefully help to keep you on track. If you have children in the house it is especially important to follow this for their oral health benefits.

Schools are closed but as much as you possibly can follow the same routine that you have for school. Wake up, have breakfast, get dressed and brush your teeth as normal. Even if you are not doing anything on that day, this benefits the children by keeping routine and also keeps your mouths healthier and cleaner.

Try to plan food in a similar way you would as if they were at school/work. If they had packed lunches when at school then you could still provide the same packed lunch with the same healthy eating guidelines that the school requires at home.

If they have school dinners (or if you prefer) you could set up a tuck shop for lunch, give the children a set amount of money and write a tuck shop list, anything that is unhealthy could cost a lot more than the healthier choices. This helps children to still make their own choice but to realise if they pick unhealthy foods they will still be hungry. This also helps with maths as they need to add up their choices and pay for their food and drink. (Water should be free!)

How often you eat Sugar is the main cause of dental decay so if you start to eat it more regularly then you will increase your risk of getting decay. If your teeth start to decay you will get a hole and if this hole becomes painful then you will have an unwanted trip to us. Why not try out the change for life food scanner app

Remember to look after yourself. In exceptional times such as these, routines can go out the window and if you’re trying to work from home as well as juggle life you may forget how important you are too. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and clean in between your teeth as you have been advised by your dentist/hygienist at least once a day.