“Air Polishing leaves teeth feeling fresher and brighter.”

Stubborn stains on your teeth?

Air polishing is a treatment carried out by the Dental Hygienist that has been developed to effectively remove staining and brighten your teeth.

The air polishing technique is simple and painless. It uses air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of powder to the tooth surface.

The combination of the pressurised jet of air, water and powder works effectively to remove staining.

Try it out

We are offering your first treatment for just £10 on top of the cost of a 30 minute appointment fee.

Usual cost is £20 on top of a 30 minute appointment fee.

What are the benefits?

It’s Gentle

Gentle enough to be used on dental implants.

No Heat

It doesnt generate any heat on your teeth compared to conventional tooth polishing.

No Pressure

There is no direct contact during air polishing and no pressure is applied to teeth.